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Mahmoud, Chef On the Run

“We are getting positive feedback already from what you did this morning. I had 3 calls already asking us to book with them. Thank you so much!” – Mahmoud

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A successful platform

In this day and age, it’s commonplace for consumers to research restaurants’ websites while choosing a place to eat.

This is why websites for restaurants are so important!

That being said, the restaurant industry is notorious for poor-quality and outdated websites.

A quality website can make the difference between a new customer and a missed opportunity.

No matter how great your food, service, and ambiance are, a poorly constructed website can reflect badly on your business.

And this is the main reason why Chef On The Run wanted to build a clean and unique concept that could convert more visitors into loyal customers. 

1. Clear calls to action

It’s really important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic calls to action.

2. Order TODAY

Don’t fear repeating your key message throughout your page – most of the time clients are ready to order when they visit your website. 

3. A unique “about” section

Think of the about section as the main opportunity to differentiate your restaurant from the competition. We highlight what makes your spot different and special.

4. Your reviews

People heavily rely on online reviews when they’re choosing whether or not to do business with you. Embedding your online reviews onto your website increases your conversion rate and your sales!

5. Great images of your food

Never underestimate the power of great pictures! Having images of your food on your website is important to give consumers a glimpse of what you have to offer.

We help you show off how tasty your restaurant’s food is with high resolution, well-staged images.

6. Easy to contact you

When it comes to websites for restaurants, one of the most common reasons someone might visit your site is to check your location, hours, or phone number to ask a question or make a reservation.

We make it very easy for your website visitors to become new loyal customers. Providing them with different ways to contact you immediately. 

7. Location and social media

With our Google Maps integration, we make it easier for your customers to get to your restaurant’s location, even on mobile devices!

Also, websites for restaurants are great for cross-promoting your social media and review site profiles.

We stick links in different locations of your website to promote your social media profiles and keep your customers always engaged. 

8. Highlight other services

A good website should clearly represent what you do. Secondly, a well-designed website is going to establish trust by showing that you are a professional – that your food is great and that you care enough to present it nicely.

Catering can be extremely lucrative, particularly during wedding season, during the summer, or around the holidays.

We help you build an online presence that makes you look very professional and capable to deliver high quality catering services. 

9. Live Chat

Talk to your customers in real-time and improve your restaurant sales & customer service.

While improving the website experience helps customers, the business benefit here is that customers that use live chat on your restaurant’s website are 3 times more likely to make an order. Making a positive impact on the bottom line of your restaurant. 

Visual Branding - Great Images of Your Food

Visual Branding - Great Images of Your Food

High quality food photography and videography was essential to attract more customers and increase sales for the Chef On The Run restaurant.
Visual Branding - Video Marketing for your Restaurant houston Texas

Visual Branding - Video Marketing for your Restaurant

When it comes to engaging customers and encouraging repeat visits to your restaurant, nothing delivers like video marketing.

Chef On The Run Halal Houston Behind the Kitchen Door

While you don't want to give away your top-secret recipes, you can share a few tips here and there and even create some recipes specifically for your online video marketing campaign

You can also highlight some of your best dishes​

Chef On The Run Halal Behind our Kitchen Door
Collect More Reviews and Sale more Houston Texas

Collect More Reviews and Sale more

Get more reviews from your best customers, outrank your competition and attract new customers
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“So they googled us, liked our reviews, messaged us, came in, bought, and left us a review — I didn’t realize how much of our business was coming from first-time customers!” — Mahmoud from Chef On The Run

get more reviews and love from customers restaurant houston

Customer feedback is an invaluable resource for improving and growing your restaurant

Chef On The Run implemented an effective strategy to collect more reviews, attract more new customers and increase their sales

Get More Diners Sitting at your Tables with Email Marketing

If you want to succeed, you need a way to get more people into your restaurant by improving communication with your customers, and that’s what Chef On The Run did to increase their sales.
chef on the run email marketing houston

Build brand awareness among existing and new customers and increase your sales

70% of customers want restaurants to send them coupons and are prepared to use them

chef on the run email marketing houston

Keeping up with a fresh menu is essential in the restaurant world and helps to continuously keep the interest of those who want a new and exciting dining experience

Bring in More Customers With Social Media

No matter how appetizing your food is, your efforts are going unnoticed if you’re not driving traffic into your restaurant. That’s why it is imperative as a restaurant to have an active social media presence.
social media marketing facebook chef on the run houston texas

Adding social media to your marketing mix can hugely increase awareness about your restaurant, generate motivated engagement with your food, and get you more customers in your door.

Facebook provides an incredible opportunity for your dining establishment to connect with your clientele

social media marketing facebook chef on the run houston texas
social media marketing instagram chef on the run houston texas

In a world where 69% of us photograph our food before we eat it, Instagram is the place for restaurants, cafes and street food vendors to grow their brand and attract customers.

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